We patiently and precisely bring out the essence of the Tyrolean Hills in the four-level gravitational structure of the Valeaeden winery.

Surrounded by our vineyard on the Hills of Tirol - Dealurile Tirolului, the Valeaeden winery is where all our wines come to life.

Built over six decades ago, lin 1958, our gravity flow wine cellar takes advantage of the natural slope of the land to accommodate a four-level structure.
It uses gravity to move the wine, and each vinification stage takes place on a different level: starting at the top, where the grapes are brought in, and ending in the underground cellar, where the wines are aged in wood barriques.

A revolutionary concept for the 50s, the facility was specifically designed to accommodate
a natural, low intervention winemaking process. Avoiding pumping and oxidation, the wine is allowed, under careful supervision, to gradually express its color, flavor, and tannins.

This advantage of an age-old concept – gravity – is being used in a sustainable and natural way to preserve the purity of the grapes and to retain the wine’s aromatic components.


At Valeaeden we start with motivation and respect for tradition. We bottle the essence of a process: accuracy, scrupulousness and respect for the heritage and the environment of the Tirol Hills area.

The grapes, selected and hand-harvested from our own vineyards, begin their journey on the fourth level of our winery, where they are destemmed and crushed. The juice flows naturally to the lower level, into fermentation barrels/tanks, where, under careful supervision, it enters the fermentation process. The wine is then gently poured into the oak barriques stored in the underground cellar, where it begins to mature. After the maturation period, the wine is bottled (also through a gravity-fed procedure) and either further aged in the bottle or prepared for the journey towards those who will enjoy it.
Sat Tirol 327, Doclin commune
Caraș Severin county, Romania
Str. Tudor Vladimirescu 96
307160 Dumbrăvița, Timiș county
+40 (0)355 422 994
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