At Valeaeden, we start with motivation and respect for the environment, upholding the history of our winey , founded in 1958.


We start our journey in  Romaniaone of the oldest wine regions in the world, a fertile land once named “the granary of Europe”. Here, legends tell, the vines and wine were known since ancient Dacia, millennia ago.

Towards the West, in Banat, the ancient Carpathian forests border on the Danube, in a realm full of history and lore.

Faded Roman paths take us to a region with the perfect geography for wine – Dealurile Tirolului.

And it is right here, among the sunny vineyards of Tirol, that, after centuries of winemaking tradition, Valeaeden din Tirol was built in 1958.


Into the village of Königsgnad (nowadays Tirol), founded two centuries ago, choosing the area for its topography and climate, the settlers started planting vines before 1848. And ever since, a steady wine tradition has been nurtured here, its superior wines appreciated in Austria and Hungary.
 At Valeaeden, our winery in Tirol, we revive the local tradition of the cellar, built in 1958. We start with energy, commitment, and respect for the land and its heritage.

Sat Tirol 327, Doclin commune
Caraș Severin county, Romania
Str. Tudor Vladimirescu 96
307160 Dumbrăvița, Timiș county
+40 (0)355 422 994
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