A white grape variety from France that embraces the nuances of the Tirol area, Sauvignon takes its name, according to ampelography expert Pierre Galet, from the French word sauvage ("wild"), alluding to its particular vigor, which requires scrupulous attention to get convincing results.

At Valeaeden, the healthy grapes, harvested at full maturity from our vineyards in Tirol and gravitationally vinified, offer us a fruity wine, with a harmoniously integrated acidity, perfected with elegance and passion.

Designation: DOP/DOC-CMD Banat – Dealurile Tirolului

Variety: Sauvignon 100%

Provenance: Two Sauvignon vineyards in Tirol and the plantations from 2009 and 2016

Harvested: first decade of September

Yield/Ha & Ratio: 5.500 kg/ha = 3.465 litres of wine, 63% must-to-fruit ratio


Attentively selected Sauvignon grapes from our vineyards were handpicked and vinified with minimal intervention, avoiding pumping and oxygen contact, in our gravity flow winery. The minimal interventions and the rigorous supervision allowed the wine to better express the terroir. After the initial maturation, the wine was bottled and further aged in bottle.

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Sat Tirol 327, Doclin commune
Caraș Severin county, Romania
Str. Tudor Vladimirescu 96
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