This popular and venerable variety of purplish-black grapes appreciates the temperate climate, with mild winters, and the skeletal soils of the rounded Hills of Tirol.

Through a natural vinification process, which uses only gravity to move the grapes and must, the wine is offered the chance to better express the terroir. And the little French "blackbird" has given us a ruby-red wine with garnet reflections, with a fine and sensual organoleptic palette, featuring light tannins and an aroma of candied plum.

Designation: DOP/DOC-CMD Banat – Dealurile Tirolului

Variety: Merlot 100%

Provenance: Merlot vineyards in Tirol and the plantations from 2015

Harvested: second decade of September

Yield/Ha & Ratio: 4000 kg/ha = 2600 l = 65% wine


This wine was produced in our gravity fed cellar in Tirol, from the carefully selected grapes of our vineyards on the Hills of Tirol. The natural process of vinification, using natural gravity and thus minimizing the mechanical interventions, allowed the wine to gently extract its color, aromas, and tannins. After the initial maturation in wooden barrels, the wine was bottled and further aged in bottle.

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